Winter Picnic Themes for your Special Events

winter picnic themes

Having a winter picnic is fun and unexpected. It could be charming as a first date, a family outing, or something to do with friends.

Since winter begins in December, we will start thinking of Winter Picnic themes to for Winter festive season.

winter picnic idea

Boxing Day Picnic

In the UK, boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas. It is when everyone exchanges gifts. It’s also the day after Christmas when many do not have to go to work, leaving it a great day for a picnic. Lastly, it’s a great way to use up leftovers.

  1. Since it’s all about gift-giving, I would replace the expected basket with a large gift box adorned with a big red bow. This would serve as a theme.
  2. Buy a thermal waterproof blanket to place on the ground. They come in many colors and patterns and help keep the ground dry and warm. Here I would use red plaid.
  3. Also, place a basket on the seating area ground filled with outdoor mountain blankets rolled up neatly so the guests can grab one if they want a little extra warmth.
  4. Since roast beef  & leftover turkey are classic dishes served on boxing day, I would make some warm French dip or beef sandwiches and pack them in an insulated lunch box and place it into the large box, as well as some good old turkey BLTS.
  5. Take your pumpkin pie and create pumpkin pie parfaits with whipped cream layered with crust crumbles and pie filling. You can put these in clear individual 4-8 oz clear
    plastic cups with lids
  6. Make a turkey soup with all the leftover veggies and place it in individual eco-friendly Kraft paper soup containers with lids.
  7. Don’t forget to pack your paper goods& utensils for each guest. Roll-ups are best.
  8. As a drink, try hot mulled cider or hot toddies. Bring that in a thermos.

winter picnic ideas

New Moon Nighttime Gathering

January 13th is a “New Moon,” the best time to observe star clusters and galaxies because there is no moonlight to interfere.

Follow these tips for the best New Moon gathering:

  1. Getting a fire pit, wood, or propane will work
  2. Set up the scene like a bonfire having everyone bring their chair. Create a circle.
  3. A telescope & a map of constellations is a must, or download the stargazer app on your phone.
  4. To make it fun, bring along an Astronomy laser pointer to point out your sky findings to all the others.
  5. Hot stew or a thick soup with protein and veggies would be recommended here. The meal should be hot, especially because this would take place at night.
  6. Supply insulted battery-operated jackets or wraps, and don’t forget some gas or candle lanterns for extra light.
  7. Since the barn fire is there, a smores setup is a must
  8. Hot boozy cocktails are a must

Amazing winter picnic ideas

Other Wonderful Winter Picnic Themes

Still looking for the perfect winter picnic idea? One of these Winter Picnic Ideas will surely impress you.

  1. A Fondue and wine Picnic
  2. Sunday football picnic
  3. I LOVE YOU picnic in celebration of Valentine’s day brunch
  4. National Irish Month Celebration in March
  5. Ground Hog Day Brunch
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