Emergency Food Service & Disaster Relief Catering

RSA Catering LLC dba Elegant Affairs is a full service off premise catering company with an emergency disaster relief catering division, specializing in mass feeding. In a time of need, RSA Catering is here to handle all government and non government projects that require mass feeding.

RSA is self-sufficient with mobile kitchens, refrigerated trailers, and industrial field kitchen equipment to support large scale operations. 

In addition, RSA offers pre-packaged and boxed meal options that can be handed out for later consumption.

Emergency & Disaster Relief Catering Company- Elegant Affairs
Emergency Relief Catering

How we help

With over 25 years of experience, our team can execute within 48 hours notice. Our kitchens are capable of feeding 700- 20,000 meals daily. Our culinary professionals are certified in food safety and experienced in mass feeding menu design and field kitchen development. We employ an operations team whose only focus is logistical planning and sourcing for each project.

Who do we service?

Our services encompass FEMA emergency food assistance, as well as disaster relief food service for local nonprofits, governmental organizations, and hospitals. We handle all government and non government projects that require mass feeding, including hurricane relief, natural disasters, font line workers and victims, recovery crew feeding, fire fighters and first responders.

When emergencies storms and disasters come upon us, RSA/Elegant Affairs is your go to emergency relief caterer.

Our resume includes feeding in excess of 15,000 meals per day at various base camps or predetermined drop sites.

Disaster Relief Catering
Emergency Relief Catering Company

Food Service Options

Mass Feedings – Our culinary team will set up camp anywhere nationwide. Daily meal plans may include one to three meals per day depending upon the scope and demographics of the project. Food allergies and special menu requests will be accommodated. Halal and Kosher culinary needs will also be accommodated.

Boxed Meals – RSA’s culinary team offers a vast array of boxed meals to be delivered to any site at any time. Vegan, Gluten free, Halal and Kosher culinary needs can be accommodated.

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