Weddings at Home

how to plan a wedding at home

how to plan a wedding at home

Weddings represent one of life’s most joyous occasions. When thinking about How to Plan a wedding at home? Elegant Affairs will assist you every step of the way, and provide you with the best Wedding Catering Services as we are the Best Wedding Caterer in NYC. Here are some things to consider while getting started.

The Benefits of Planning a Wedding at Home

Having a wedding at home can provide you with the benefit of creativity, that you may not have at a venue. You get to start with a blank palate which gives you the ability to create the entire look and atmosphere of the event based on your taste, rather than having to conform to the look of a venue’s ballroom. At home, your vision of the decor and atmosphere can easily come to fruition.

It’s much more special to invite your friends and family to your home. It creates a vibe that is more interesting and unexpected.  It feels more organic and less robotic in nature, the complete opposite of the typical wedding we have all been to at popular venues in our area.

wedding at homeMaking your Home Wedding Unique

You can really make your home or backyard wedding like nothing anyone else has ever seen, by bringing in tenting, beautiful lighting, your choice of tables, chairs, linens, florals, and tabletop decor. You can bring in custom bars and furniture that blend with your color palette to really make the atmosphere pop.

Hiring a Wedding Caterer

Personal Recommendations from friends or acquaintances are the best way to hire a caterer that will meet your level of expectation. Trolling Instagram is another great way to see your possible caterers. You can see their work in real-time and decide if what they are putting out there aligns with your taste. You can also ask your florist or others event vendors you may know in the business. They often have their finger on the pulse.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

It is always a good idea to have a planner to handle all the ancillary items that come along with the wedding day that a caterer typically does not. This may be hotel blocks, invitations, rehearsal dinners, days of support, etc. Wedding planners are there to make the wedding planning process run smoothly and to give you a stress-free experience when planning your day.

Utilizing the Space planning a wedding at home

It’s best to have a professional come out to survey the property before a menu or proposal is done. The land and flow of the property have a lot to do with logistics. Once we do a logistical walk through its our job to give you options on how best to use the property giving your guests the most beautiful and interesting experience possible.

Rain or Shine

You must have a full-proof rain plan in place from the beginning. We will meet the tent companies on your property and conduct the walk-throughs to ensure that we are 100 percent covered in the case of rain. Part of our job is to make sure we have a full-proof plan.

The Whole Picture

Elegant Affairs will coordinate all the necessary rentals, design the perfect wedding catering menu, and help you choose the vendors necessary to provide the wedding of a lifetime.

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