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Sag Harbor Caterer - Elegant Affairs

Sag Harbor Catering With Our Elegant Touch

Elegant Affairs is here to make your event a success. We specialize in keeping our clients happy and satisfied with our professional service, beautiful food & drink offerings tailored specifically for you!

We’re committed not just from day one of booking but also long after as well by offering unbeatable deals on catering that will suit any budget – whether it’s small or large, we have got what everyone needs when going into an important corporate event or wedding celebration dinner party alike. 

Let us help bring out the best personality traits through expertly prepared dishes served fresh every single time.

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t settle for anything but the best. Elegant Affairs will help plan and design your food menu so that it is perfect in every way – from presentation to taste! All dietary needs are taken care of with one on ones by our catering experts who have been there themselves (and still got those appetites).

We provide everything, including table linens; just give us what type of cuisine you want to be featured at each station throughout or event space: Italian fare? French toast sticks dipped into chocolate frosting topped off delicately.

Elegant Affairs offers a unique combination of culinary artistry and precision planning. Your friends or family will always remember the magic that occurs when you experience Elegant Affairs, from catering services to events in Sag Harbor.

Contact us if you’re looking for a Sag Harbor Caterer who covers greater New York City areas such as Manhattan, Central Park, Brookville, Hamptons, and Long Island.


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