How to Prepare for A Stress Free & Easy Thanksgiving

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Easy Thanksgiving Preparation Tips 2021| Elegant Affairs

From the chefs, and party planners, at Elegant Affairs, here are some tips on how to prepare for a stress-free and elegant Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t let time pressure be your enemy! 

Thanksgiving Preparation Tips

2 Weeks Prior

  • Create a master list of things to do. With everything written down, it is easier to tackle each task, one at a time. Those tasks can seem less overwhelming when you start crossing them off.
  • Purchase all beverages: Keep it classic with Vodka, Gin, Scotch, Rum, Whiskey and Wine stocked at the bar… Don’t forget apple cider and egg nog! 
  • Start collecting your serving dishes and china and label each piece for the food going in it. This makes it easy to stay organized, and get the food on the table quickly.

One Week Prior 

  • Organize all your recipes that you’ll be making. This can make all of the cooking go a lot smoother, and help you avoid missing a step!
  • Start food shopping and organizing your pantry and refrigerator with your cooking and baking supplies.
  • Begin setting your table with linens and china so that the entire table is set by the day before. 
  • Purchase to-go containers and bags for your guests to take leftovers home.
  • Delegate the purchasing of the ice, which is always last minute. 3 pounds of ice per person is the perfect amount for thanksgiving dinner. 

Go easy on the appetizers, simple and light recipes will satisfy but not fill up your guests before dinner. Try turkey matzo ball soup sips for “thanksgivukkah” or mini potato pancakes…ixnay the cheese and cracker platters one and for all!  

– Andrea Correale, Celebrity Caterer & Founder of Elegant Affairs

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