Plan an Awesome Poolside Gathering this Summer

Best American Flaq salad

Healthy living and eating has become a priority and a way of life these days and need not stop you from partying it up with your friends at your next poolside gathering. The days of chips and dips, fried foods, heavy cocktails and fattening treats are a thing of the past. Why not invite your guests to your home for a day of rejuvenation that will tantalize their senses. Present your guests with healthy clean food, revitalizing beverages, lounge chair amenities and music that will not only touch their emotions but energize them and bring the party to life.


Allow your guests to really enjoy the benefits of the summer sun and begin your gathering at 1:00 PM. Treat them to day of relaxation and pool side enjoyment offering them resort like

Best American Flaq salad

amenities. A lounge chair for each person accompanied by an array of books and magazines are an absolute must. Put out a basket of plush over-sized pool towels for those who decide to take a dip. For those who choose not to take the plunge, chilled lavender scented washcloths are a cool alternative. Have various spf sunscreens on hand so your guests can choose the amount of rays they expose themselves to. If you really want to indulge your friends, hire a masseuse for the afternoon to further relax them.

Music is key. Create aplaylist for your ipod with a large variety of songs. Don’t play an entire album of one artist or style of music, mix it up so that you have a better chance of covering everyone’s diverse musical tastes. Really take the time to think about who is coming so that you choose songs from different genres and decades that will stimulate happy memories. Plan out the entire party hour by hour. You might want to start with some mellow, lounge or Island-style music and then slowly pick up the pace with some summer time hits of the present and past. You’ll know your music is a hit when you hear your guests say, “I love this song”.

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Being in the summer heat, your guest will need to keep hydrated and there is not better way than providing a water and fresh fruit juice bar. Offer an array of high-end waters like Fiji, Smart, and Penta to not only quench the thirst but also heal the body with their unique nutritional properties. Provide your guests with a display of sliced organic fresh fruits and vegetables to garnish and enhance the flavor of the water. Cucumber, ginger, pineapple, lemons, limes, kiwis and berries are great enhancers. You can also offer to have these fruits juiced to order or have some already prepared like watermelon, honeydew or pomegranate juice—whichhappen to be some of my refreshing favorites. For those who prefer a creamier frozen beverage, coconut milk, a non-dairy alternative with amazing health benefits, added to ice and fresh fruit creates the ultimate vitamin packed smoothie.

Offer your guests light and delicious menu items that won’t weigh them down by including lots of vegetables. Use lots of fresh herbs and spices to entice their taste buds with your tasty guilt-free cuisine. Individual plum tomatoes stuffed with organic romaine lettuce, served with a citrus dressings is a great way to start. Steamed edamame along side spicy raw nuts are great individual snacking options. Liven up an old time favorite like using fresh seared tuna instead of canned and purple potatoes as an alternative to the popular Nicoise Salad. Add a fun element to the meal by presenting a skewered food item, such as organic Thai chicken, in a planter box filled with wheatgrass. This is a playful way to keep with the wholesome theme. Take your sandwiches to a healthy and tasty level by offering fresh basil pesto as a spread choice to lean meats, cheeses and whole grain breads. Top off your menu with an assortment of fresh fruit sorbets, garnished with fresh mint or a small piece of dark chocolate. This will leave your guests satisfied, refreshed and energized the rest of the day.

As the afternoon slips into evening and the sun sets on your beautiful afternoon, give yourself a pat on the back that you have created for your guests a new summer Eden of eating, drinking and entertaining naturally while nourishing their minds, bodies and spirits.

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