Interview with Andrea Correale on Covid-Friendly Catering Tips

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Our founder Andrea Correale shares her expertise on covid-friendly foods and beverages for in-person events.

When hosting a party, it is important to create a covid-friendly menu. My advice would be to avoid communal grazing, with options like individual cheese boards, or individual cups of ramen as an adorable and unique appetizer! Kebabs are also an easy and popular option since they are so versatile. For dessert, prepare acai ice cream bowls in tin cans, or boozy pops in fancy glasses. The idea is to create fun, new ways of serving your favorite cuisines, in individual vessels, in order to keep guests mostly contactless.

Q: What are some tips for setting up safe bar service?

A: A safe and unique way to serve beverages is to fill individual mason jars with sorted fruits and offer a variety of individual liquor bottles, allowing guests to create their own cocktail.

Another way to ensure safety is to require all bartenders to wear a mask, and gloves. Also, make sure the only person touching any of the bar equipment is the designated bartender.

Q: Is there a safe way to offer buffets or food displays?

A: To safely offer buffets or food displays, I suggest providing personal serving utensils along with the roll ups that are given to each guest.

When setting up the buffet or food display, I would choose a deeper, and wider table than usual, to can create more room in between quests and food.

Q: What do you think will be the biggest challenge for caterers post-covid?

A: The biggest challenge will be acquiring staff to produce the demand of work. It’s been difficult to get people back to work, considering some people are either hesitant of entering back into the working field, or currently collecting unemployment. This leaves caterers in a difficult situation when it comes to finding staff.

How to Make the Perfect Mason Jar Mocktail:

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