How To Stay Cool This Summer


With pool parties, summer corporate outings, outdoor showers and more sunny soirées coming up this season, it’s important to make sure your guests are comfortable in the heat. Parasols, fans, and branded sunglasses are just a few ways to keep your guests cool. But why not make your tastebuds tingle as you beat the heat? For this week’s Tuesday Top 5, we’re sharing our favorite desserts, drinks, and treats that’ll keep you chilling all summer long.

1. Every Detail Was Personalized at This Bar Mitzvah — Here’s the Most Delicious

2. Spinkle Sorbet & Complementing Cocktails Add Color to a Neutral Palette

3. Floral-Filled Ice Cubes Keep Your Rosé Chilled All Day

4. The Catering at This Vintage America Party Was Anything but Old Fashioned

5. See How Your Favorite Ice Cream Brand Celebrates Summer


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