Elegant Affairs Shines at Hamptons Polo Event

Elegant Affairs Caterers

The sun-soaked Hamptons, known for its luxurious lifestyle and elite gatherings, recently played host to a grand polo match that brought together the crème de la crème of New York society. Social Life Magazine’s second Polo Match & Cocktail party brought in over 300 guests, who indulged tasty hors d’oeuvres and specialized cocktails from New York and Hamptons caterer Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs. As the sunlit fields set the stage for a day of sophistication and sport, Elegant Affairs, the premier catering company, ensured that the culinary experience was nothing short of extraordinary. With a reputation for delivering impeccable service and sumptuous cuisine, Elegant Affairs served seasonal dishes, that matched the glamour of the occasion.

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Elegant Affairs Caterers

Culinary Excellence at Its Best

Elegant Affairs’ culinary team crafted a menu that perfectly complemented the elegance of the affair. As guests mingled and enjoyed the exciting polo matches, they were treated to a meticulously curated dish that satisfied even the most discerning palates, the catering company’s commitment to excellence shone through.

Impeccable Service and Attention to Detail

Elegant Affairs’ dedication to creating a seamless experience was evident in the flawlessly orchestrated service. Every detail was meticulously planned to create an atmosphere of refined elegance.

A Fusion of Elegance and Taste

Elegant Affairs, a renowned full-service off-premise catering company, has a long-standing tradition of adding an extra layer of opulence to the events it serves. Be it a corporate gathering in the heart of Manhattan, a fairy-tale wedding in a sprawling Long Island mansion, or a breezy beach soiree in the Hamptons, Elegant Affairs has established itself as the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled culinary experiences. The Hamptons Polo event was no exception.

A Glimpse into the Event

The Hamptons Polo event, brought together fashion, luxury, and sport in a seamless blend. Attendees were treated to thrilling polo matches, extravagant fashion displays, and an ambiance that exuded sophistication. Against this backdrop, Elegant Affairs stepped in to elevate the culinary aspect of the event.


The Hamptons Polo event, with its convergence of style, sport, and culinary excellence, will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight of New York’s social calendar. Elegant Affairs, the catering company of choice for the elite, not only met but exceeded expectations with  exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. As the sun set on the Hamptons’ manicured fields, attendees departed with memories of a day where sophistication and taste intertwined, all thanks to Elegant Affairs’ unwavering commitment to turning events into unforgettable experiences.

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