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As the winter progresses, it doesn’t matter how much Vitamin C you ingest, how many daily supplements you take, or whether or not you got a flu shot, you’re likely to end up with at least a passing illness. And whether it’s a head cold or a full-blown mucus explosion paired with full-body shivers and a fever, you’re probably going to need a dose of medicine before spring comes around.

If you believe distilleries (and who doesn’t?), the best cure for your inevitable winter ailments is a hot toddy. This combination of hot water, lemon, honey, and whiskey has been curing sickness (mostly by knocking its drinker out in boozy bliss) for centuries. And, even though it was historically made using Scotch whisky, the juice you use is really up to you.

Andrea Correale, owner of Elegant Affairs Caterers in Glen Cove, New York enjoys a very specific flavor when she makes a hot toddy.

“I love my hot toddies to be sweet, so I prefer to use Maker’s Mark,” she says. “It’s bourbon and is made of corn and sweet wheat instead of the usual spicy rye. You can taste a little bit of caramel and hints of vanilla. Combined with a bit spice, this makes the perfect hot toddy combination.”

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