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Recipes – Our site is a great resource for cocktail recipes and delectable items that you can make at home. See some brunch idea by celebrity caterer, Andrea Correale. /bwwfood-wine/article/Brunch-Recipes-for-Mom-by-Andrea-Correale-of-ELEGANT-AFFAIRS-20190508. And Ketel One Botanical shares elegant cocktail ideas. /bwwfood-wine/article/KETEL-ONE-BOTANICAL-Presents-Three-Elegant-Cocktail-Recipes-20191122.

The holidays will soon be behind us. All that’s left before the cloudy, cloudy, mild January, February and early March is New Year’s Eve – the crown jewel in a season with endless parties, sparkling foods and far too many sugary cocktails. It’s the perfect night for bold resolutions, toasting frequently, and waking up after a breakfast burrito and two aspirin.

Korbel VS Brandy

Andrea Correale, owner of Elegant Affairs Caterers in Glen Cove, New York

There is nothing I like better on vacation than eggnog with spikes. Because eggnog is inherently sweet, I like to use brandy here. I like Korbel VS. It’s a really great, almost flowery eggnog drink that has a fun and catchy taste.

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