The Space at Westbury

The Space at Westbury

250 Post Ave
Westbury, NY

Make The Space your own and see your name up in lights on the landmark LED marquee when you book an event at The Space.

The Space is designed to present special events from corporate meetings, art exhibitions, film festivals, special video presentations of sports and cultural events, as well as life cycle events including weddings, Bar and Bat mitzvahs, confirmations, sweet sixteen parties and numerous other possibilities. Stage your event at The Space and make it a memorable experience in a unique location!

The Space was born as the Westbury Movie Theater on November 10, 1927, opening its doors to an audience that marveled at the beauty of its Tudor style inspired auditorium. The feature for opening night was “Hula” starring Clara Bow. On the stage, The University of Maryland Collegian’s Band thrilled the audience with a spectacular performance. On Friday, November 11, 1927 to celebrate Armistice Day, “Beau Geste” starring Ronald Coleman was screened.

The Westbury Theatre was one of six theaters built by Salvatore Calderone in Nassau County, Long Island. The theater flourished as a single screen house until it was twinned in the late 1970′s. As patronage decreased, the theater soon closed its doors. Eight years ago Cyrus Hakakian and his partners saved the Westbury Theater from demolition. After viewing the magnificent space, he was determined to preserve the grandeur of the original theater while re-purposing the facility to accommodate all aspects of contemporary entertainment. With the installation of state of the art lighting and sound systems combined with flexible seating plans, the Westbury Theater now enters a new chapter of its illustrious history as The Space at Westbury.


Maximum capacity: 1000 (Standing Cocktail Party)

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